About AIAA

The AIAA (Abrahamic and Indo-Abrahamic Association) is an inter-faith association of the Abrahamic and Indo-Abrahamic faiths based upon their shared faith traditions and beliefs.

The Abrahamic faiths comprise of Judaism, Christianity and Islam while the Indo-Abrahamic faiths are represented primarily by the extant Sikh religion and further by nascent religions like Radha Soami, Ravidasia, Kabir Panthi, Satnami, Eksarna Sankardev, Sacha Sauda, Sri Narayan Dharam Paripalan, Namdev, Sai Baba, Sindhi sects etc.

The Abrahamics and the Indo-Abrahamics comprise almost 75% of the world’s population and form the single largest global collective of religions with shared root ideologies and practices.

The Indo-Abrahamic genre of religions is defined as those extant and nascent religions which combine the belief systems of both Abrahamic (Jew, Christian,Muslim) and Indic (Hindu,Buddhist,Jain) faiths. The Indo-Abrahamic religions took birth in the Indic geographic and spiritual locale but vigorously localised and assimilated very strong elements of Abrahamic traditions.

The relationship between the Indic and Indo-Abrahamic religions is well understood and acknowledged. However, the equally close kinship between the Abrahamic and Indo-Abrahamic religions is not so well understood and expounded. The AIAA is incorporated to remove this void of ignorance about the third largest genre of world religions in world theology.

The whole context and understanding of Indian religiosity changes when we view it from its quintessentially Indo Abrahamic perspective. The Indo-Abrahamic perspective has been two thousand years in the making and it constitutes the most popular expression of the folk religions of India.

The AIAA is constituted and committed to accord due recognition and publicity to the close relationship between the Abrahamic and Indo-Abrahamic religions on the world stage.