Objectives of AIAA

  1. To promote global study and recognition of the Indo-Abrahamic religions and their theological and contextual relationship with the Abrahamic religions.

  1. To promote peace and harmony between the Abrahamic and Indic faiths wherever and whenever their relationship is under strain.

  1. To speak up and advocate for the minority, whether it is the Abrahamics in India or the Indics outside India.

  1. To suitably raise the profile of Indo-Abrahamic communities so that they achieve their rightful demographic share in the social, political and religious discourse of India and the of the world.

  1. To present the Indo-Abrahamics as living and growing proof that the larger India story is not of a Clash of Civilisations but actually of a CLASP OF CIVILISATIONS.

  1. To network worldwide with the Abrahamics and make the Indo-Abrahamic emigrants like the Sikhs, Sindhis, Radha Soamis, Ravidasia, Satnami, Shirdi Sai Baba, Eksarna etc feel welcomed and comfortable in Abrahamic countries of Europe, Americas, Australia, Middle East, Africa.

  2. To network with the Indics and make the Abrahamics (Jew/Christian/Muslim ) feel welcome and at home in India, and vice versa for the Indics (Hindu/ Buddhist/ Jain ) outside India.